What A U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal Might Mean For Tehran’s Tech Startups

Tehran’s tech startups met adventurous investors to explore what a U.S.-Iran nuclear deal might deliver for both.As the US and its partners meet with Iranian officials in Vienna this week, diplomacy of a different kind has been at work just a few hours away. The deadline for a nuclear non-proliferation deal that would bring an end to more than 30 years of imposed sanctions hangs in the balance with back channels from both sides saying it’s now or never. John Kerry will join the final round of talks next week ahead of the June 30th deadline. In Berlin, more than a thousand entrepreneurs, VC’s and business leaders gathered recently to exchange ideas at iBRIDGES, a conference hosted by a non-profit and non-partisan community of the same name. iBRIDGES supports high tech entrepreneurship in Iran through events like this one, bringing together east and west, including some well-known VC’s. For startups, it’s a chance to hone their pitches and business plans, and gain valuable advice. For business leaders, it’s a chance to size up Iran’s emerging tech sector and it’s potential.


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